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Incoherent Utterance.Nowhere mind.

This year!:-)

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Some songs with my new Band! (Live)

Bruno Mars: Just the way you are

My own song - Let me find a way (live)

The Beatles - A day in the life (Cover)

Incoherent Utterance Nowhere mind

  • Over 130 written and recorded songs by myself
  • 10 Albums
  • 4 Music videos
  • Selected for a talent development programm
  • Alternative, Experimental
  • Singing, E-Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Drums, e-drums, Violin , Trumpet, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Soundsamples
  • Past projects: 7 Bands (see below), 1 Music school band, 1 School band, Orchestra, Percussion combo
  • My Discography
Incoherent Utterance

My band history

Part of the Show (Unplugged Rock/Pop)

Incut (Alternative, Indie)

  • Selected for a talent development programm - CubeAudio (Guano Apes, Tamoto, etc.)
  • Various concerts / festivals
  • 1 x Album

Inner Turbulence (Experimental, Instrumental)

  • 2 x Albums

Cold Karma Circus (Alternative Rock)

  • Various concerts
  • Demo-CD

Stereojunkies (Alternative Rock)

  • Various concerts / festivals
  • Demo-CD

AufschrAi (Punk)

  • Various concerts / festivals
  • Live-DVD
  • 1 x Album

Abschied von... (German Rock)

  • 1 x Album

Haborym (Black/Death/Speed Metal)

  • 1 x Album